A forum for the users to roleplay together in various settings, e.g. historical, fantasy, or sci-fi.
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 General forum rules

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General forum rules Empty
PostSubject: General forum rules   General forum rules EmptySun Oct 24, 2010 4:53 am

Here, all rules related to every category of the forums.
Naturally, spam is forbidden. The following counts as spam
-Pointless or one-word messages, meaningless messages or offtopic messages
-Threads that are useless or pointless, e.g. offtopic threads or "Count to 50000"-like threads
-Smilie spam (messages only composed of smilies, messages conaining too many smilies, keep usage appropriate.

Extreme violence, pornography. sexual content
This is all forbidden. Posting extreme violence or pornography will result in an instant ban without being warned beforehand. _Explicit_ and not age-appropriate sexual content will lead to similar measured depending on severity.

_Excessive_ swearing may result in warnings and if it continues, bans.

Constant flaming, racism, homophobia
All three are not allowed and if it occurs nonetheless, the user will be banned.

Dupe accounts
Second accounts made only to break the rules will be banned.
However, if you want a new account, no problem. Just contact me beforehand so I know about it.

If you think a user was banned or warned without reason, please contact me or my fellow (and probably more reliable) admin Frostmoon so we can find a solution.

Keep your moral, political and religious views to yourself where they're not wanted. We're not interested in them here. Instead, we believe in freedom of opinion and enjoying a community where that actually means something. But this doesn't mean that any member has to listen to how his life is morally wrong or that his god doesn't exist because science or whatever. Sure, you can engange in discussions with those who want to discuss the topics and I personally support this; but as soon as it becomes annoying or patronising, we'd like you to shut up. Thanks.

Leet (chat)-speak
plz not too much or u get warning. tyvm

Enjoy the forums
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General forum rules
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