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 The Shards United (TWTwB Database)

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PostSubject: The Shards United (TWTwB Database)   The Shards United (TWTwB Database) EmptyMon Nov 08, 2010 9:55 am

The World that was Broken Database

Picture a spiralic galaxy with about 10% of the Milky Way's diameter, populated by a multitude of sentient races, is polytheistic and was recently struck by a terrible catastrophe that shattered it completely.
That would be the galaxy The World That was Broken takes place in (called the Broken Galaxy), decribed in one sentence. The points listed above will also be the points I will now desribe closer so new players will understand this world.

As said above, the Broken Galaxy's diameter is about 10% of the Milky Way's, about 10,000 light-years. Like the Milky Way (the galaxy we live in), it is spiralic.

IMPORTANT: This is a galaxy, not a universe; we assume that the rest of the universe was created by similar means or naturally, but have not considered this in detail yet. All that follows is only about this galaxy.

Polytheism (deitys) and sentient races
In the beginning, there was one godess, by the name of Elyn, who created the galaxy, alongside a multitude of deitys that represent the elements the galaxy is made up of. A deity for Life. Death. Nature. Water. Fire. Space. Winter. Autumn. You get my meaning. Personificated elements that have control over the part of the world they represent. This also applies to things associated with the element; a deity of Spring stands for progress, new beginning, etc. as well as Spring as such.

Many deitys also chose to populate the galaxy by seeding it with a (usually sentient) race of their own; they are then responsible for their race as well as for their element. Note that the races usually carry traits of the deity that made them; a deity of peace would certainly not create a barbaric militant race.

Many people who believe in gods, especially in monotheistic religions, have a clear belief. There is a god, he is omnipotent (=has all power in the world, can do everything and knows everything), and he has always been there. Here, this is not so. Every god, or deity, as I prefer to say in these cases, as the word "god" often refers only to the Christian religion, has a part of the world that he or she controls. No more, there power is restricted to there. Even Elyn, the creator of the other deitys, was restricted to the area of creation. No more. This is especially important if your race's patron deity wants to intervene in the plot - he or she may only do so in his or her element.

Here, we have to clearly distinguish between this world, and the world where TWTwB takes place. In this world, we have no clear confirmation that there are gods or one god. (If I may differ between fact and belief. This topic is a little hard to define in RPGs without the possibility of offending anyone. I respect your beliefs, whatever they may be, and wish no discussion on the topic in this thread.) In the Broken Galaxy, that is different. The patron deitys of the races make appearances, and they do that often, often with a clear form and in reality, not only in dream. Here, atheism is totally unreasonable. The form that comes closest to that is the thought of a few individuals that they do not want to serve a god, and therefore do not worship any god. (I say this as an atheist myself. As with beliefs above, I respect any non-beliefs. Remember, this is not this world.) In conclusion: There are hardly any atheists in Broken Galaxy, and they are seen as unreasonable fanatics, as there is proof for the existence of Elyn and the other deitys.

Elyn - created galaxy and deitys, controls galaxy and attempts to balance between good and evil and other opposites
Deitys - populated galaxy, are responsible for elements they represent, and many for the races they created
Races - made by deitys, often for the deity's will; you could say that their nature and essence was made by the deity and they therefore have no free will.

IMPORTANT: This is futuristic fantasy, interstellar travel and other complex technology have been introduced a long time ago and are in use by most sentient races.

There is magic in the galaxy. Magicians mentally grasp to the source of magic inside them and then unleash there power. Some of them accompany this with mantras to improve their concentration, but generally, there are no magic formulae.
Notable exception: Magi who have no inner source of magic, but use external supplies for their means.

IMPORTANT: The Broken Galaxy is real. (As in, no illusion etc.)

At the end of the first roleplay in this galaxy (by the name of Coming of the Storm), evil reigned the galaxy. Elyn, despairing because her creationhad gone so wrong, attempted to unmake and reforge the galaxy. Howver, she was interrupted, and instead of purging all of creation, she smashed it into countless shards.
At the beginning of The World that was Broken, the catastophe just happened. Player's races will usually start with the effects of this on their race. For an example that you should read before starting (IMPORTANT!), look at my first post or ET8000's.

Now, if you would like to post in the database, which I would recommend to all players, please do it in the following format:

1) Name of race, general information about the race, history of the race, maybe a few quotes, and maybe a picture or two.
IMPORTANT: The first part, Coming of the Stom, orginated in the UK Spore forums, and therefore many players will have Spore installed and depict their races as Spore creatures. This is not compulsary, do not feel pressured by it; you most certainly don't have to buy Spore to participate.

2) Name of their patron deity, what the patron deity stands for, most often used appearances of the deity.

3) Name of your characters, information about your characters, etc.

You do not need to post one in all go. You may make a small post and generally edit that wih time.
One important point is that information is restricted to one post, so all is in one place. If you update it, just post something like "Guys, I've update the part about worshipping of my deity" and then edit your post that holds information on your race, deity, and characters.

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PostSubject: Re: The Shards United (TWTwB Database)   The Shards United (TWTwB Database) EmptyMon Nov 08, 2010 11:51 am


The Eslaoni
The Shards United (TWTwB Database) 500744144632_lrg
The fin-like crests above the brain on an Eslaon is the course of it's power, for example mind-control, cloaking, portal-opening.
Skill types:
>Warrior-Serpents (Blue and purple ships)
>Portal-Creators (Used on all combat-worthy and government ships)
>Wraiths (Black ships)
>Mind-Infiltrators (Maroon and white ships)
(Often mixes of 2, sometimes 3 of the above)

Little is known of the creation of the Eslaoni. Long-dead races looked to them as their 'deities', however they themselves see only Light and Shadow Serpents as true gods, and they their prophets and warriors.

The Shadow Serpents and Light Serpents.
These, a form of Warrior-Serpent, are usually hatched while in a portal/rift. Very rare, often excel at tampering with technology.
Disadvantage: Can become stuck in Serpent form until energy is depleted.

The EXODUS failure.
Exodus, Claimer-of-Minds, the best Warrior-Serpent of the Eslaoni, and so it was he who they chose to be the subject of project Exodus. However, rather than just enhancing his mind-controlling abilities, they gave him the ability to tear rifts in their realm, thousands of times more powerful than a regular Portal opened by a Portal-Templar.
Exodus went on a crazed rampage, damaging at least 5 Paralene' and loosing his previous identity entirely.
To make matters worse, it would appear that he has been able to strip the powers from his hosts, to list a few;
> Shape-shifting (beyond Serpent forms)
> AI infiltration
> Minor Necromancy
> Light-bending
> Regenerative properties (possibly Cryak-derived/?)
The EXODUS project is still in action.


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PostSubject: Re: The Shards United (TWTwB Database)   The Shards United (TWTwB Database) EmptyThu Nov 11, 2010 1:35 pm



The Iyrlen, a race best described as a omnivorous avian with four arms, is approximatley 1.3 metres in hight. They have a sharp beak and are nimble with their bony hands; an average's Iyrlen's lifespan is 50 years. They are coloured in a vibrant yellow with some dark red in parts of their body.
Their feet are similar to bird's feet, with four clawed toes.

-pictures soon-

The Iyrlen society is very strict; laws and order are put before kindness and "true" justice. A government-controlled force, the Internal Security (a sort of police and secret service combination), enforces these rigorous laws and secures stability and control.
The government is extremely conservative; democracy is a long-forgotten dream in Iyrlen society. They appoint new members by themselves, not by democratic election, and elect new leaders amongst themselves. Internal Security members must bypass a number of tests before they can join. To make sure the population bows to this, breaking the law is punished severely.
The government also makes sure that everyone has a job; technology is seen as important for progress.

Diplomacy is not seen as very important, as it is as a "danger for stability".

Iyrlen live in large cities (many million citizens); food is often artificial, and farms are usually located in greenhouses. Houses are often large tower blocks, and a low price is usually more important in architecture than look. Meat is not a common good, but rather for economical as for ethical reasons; a citizen's use to the state is the only really important value. Not many planets have been colonised by the Iyrlen, and because of this their interstellat travel technology is not as good as other races' is.

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower
Hold eternity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.

<superdeformedchibi> tried to think of rapture joke, but couldn't. At first I was kinda upset at my writer's block but then I realized it's not the end of the world.

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PostSubject: Re: The Shards United (TWTwB Database)   The Shards United (TWTwB Database) EmptySat Nov 13, 2010 2:57 pm

The Taomis Collective.
Sub-Deity:(Strains of Original) Davori, STRAIN STATUS UNKNOWN.
Taomis Hive Minds: Del-Lyra, Nal-Naythia, STRAIN STATUS UNKNOWN.
Homeworld: Unknown.
Main base of Operations: Nalzata(Taomis Hive N)
Classification: Fanatical Parasitic Zealots... not really.
Classification: Viral Plant-Life-form.

The Taomis Collective, as known as the other races. Is not a true name. It is simply a Darkai Loran Translation. The Taomis have no 'Empire' Name. It is not sure why many races think they are a kind of Empire.

The Taomis, in true fact, are entirely Different. The Taomis are not a race. They are a Virus.
The Taomaikal Taomisanllma Virus, or 'Taomis Virus' for short, are a Parasitic race of Plant Forms. Most races are created by their Deities, But the Taomis are part of their Deity. Their original Deity created the Talynar Strain which eventually started to create their own strains.
The 'Common' belief is that the Taomis Deity is called Davori.
Davori is a strain made by the True Taomis Deity to oversee them. Technially speaking, Davori is part of a greator whole. Davori has a less known Sister strain which is Manipulates the Taomis more then Davori. His Sister Strain is unknown as she has never been seen, and those who have seen her faced only the fear of death.

The Taomis are known for infesting Planets. Once a Talynar Taomis Plants itself into the ground, it will extend its roots and inject its Viral Pollen into the Air. This mutates creatures which come into contact with it. It does not however usually effect the Biology of Sentient Life-forms, though there has been two known exceptions. The Talynars roots will also affect the ground around it, making it match to enviroment of the the Taomis's element, shadow, fire or ice. The effects can be reversed by destroying the Talynar Taomis, though they are usually protected by a very strong Shadow-Based Shield of Unknown Origin. Unfortunately, any affected Native animals can not be reversed and must be destroyed.

Known Taomis Strains:
Note: The names marked with ( ) are the common names races use instead of their true names.

Talynar Taomis
Original strain, these Plant Forms are thrown at planets from orbit. Once they hit the ground they spread their roots and release a Viral Pollen into the air. The roots will infest the ground while the Talynar still Lives. The Pollen can mutate Native creatures(None-Sentient life forms) and mutate them into Taomis-Forms. The effect can not be reversed and the infected creature has to be destroyed. Talynar Taomis come in two forms, the first are the Versions which plant themselves into planets, these are defenseless but have a strong Shadow-Based shield. A second form is a plant which emerges from the Talynar after rooting into a planet. These can attack with there spiked vines, burrow underground to move. Throw Shadow balls at enemies, and other amusing ways to cause havoc. Magical Attribute: Dark.

Xiitai Taomis
(Shadow Sorceror)
The Shards United (TWTwB Database) 500587478528_lrg
The Shadow Sorceror are a mage strain.
Taomis cannot truly cast magic. The Shadow Sorcerors are no exception.
They use Crystals with Magical power to cast spells. They have three Crystals each. A fire, Frost and Shadow. The Shadow uses the strongest Taomis Abilities, calling Down Talynar Strains, summoning Nearby Taomis to the area for aid, and Throwing numerable Shadow Abilites, Shadow Balls and Deaths Grasp are Popular choices, but Infestaii is also well known. The Fire Crystal can only fire fire balls. The Frost Crystal can summon small Blizzards and fling Frost Balls into the Ranks of Enemies. There Dark Staffs allow them to Teleport.
Magical Attribute: Dark, Fire, Ice.

Indita Taomis
(Indi Sorceror)
Indi Sorcerors are a rarer but extremely Strong type of Shadow Sorcerors, they have six Crystals, two shadow, two fire and two Frost, making them extremely dangerous. They have more Shadow Abilities too.
Magical Attribute: Dark, Frost.

Diman Taomis.
The Diminion Taomis is a Humoid Plant-Life Form.
It has a blade arm infected with Talynar Spores meaning it can transform Native Animals into Taomis Forms.
Magical Attribute: Dark.

Tamaii Taomis
The Shards United (TWTwB Database) 500587528698_lrg
A Basic and Weak Taomis Form. It is a Infected animal. It has one Blade-Arm.
Magical Attribute: Dark.

Katari Taomis
(Dark Harbingers)
The Shards United (TWTwB Database) 500587506866_lrg
A very strong Taomis Form. Made with Taomis Spores and Samples collected by Talynar Spores from Native Creatures. These are Fearsome creatures. Its Blade Arm is covered with Talynar Spores meaning it can transform Native Animals into Taomis Forms.
Magical Attribute: Dark.

Sabaraii Taomis
Plant-Life life-form with Saber arm and Shield arm. These are nasty opponants, they can jump extremely far and there shield itself can protect it well. It is humoid and mostly black. Its blade is formed completely of Dark Purple Taomis Spores meaning it can turn Native creatures into Taomis Creatures.
Magical Attribute: Dark.

Menian Taomis:
The Shards United (TWTwB Database) 500653830981_lrg
A evolved version of the Tamaii Taomis. Its blade arm is coated Idolia Spores. These spores infest Native Creatures or Poison Sentient Life-Forms. The Menian Taomis is very strong.
Magical Attribute: Dark.

Taomis Glossary:
Native Creature: Any Non-Sentient Animal which lives on a planet.
Talynar Spores: Pollen used to infest Native Creatures.
Idolia Spores: Advanced Version of Talynar spores, same effect but can poison Sentients.

The Remnants of the Novala Covenant

The Novala are a race of Machines. They were split into two factions over whether to side with Dominance or not. The result became the Novala Covenant, they entered a pact with Dominance and helped him. The Novala Empire let them leave Peacefully. After Dominance's destruction and the Shattering, the Remnants of the Covenant's forces have been spread thin, their main base is located on Xai IV, the space station there is the only Covenant base to have survived.

- The Novala Empire -

For Five Hundred years the Novala served the Proto Empire. A creative spark however, changed all that, as only three hundred years ago the Novala broke away and managed to kill hundred's of Proto soldiers before disappearing in the unknown regions for five years. It is unknown what they encountered. They were forced back into the open and were greeted by bitter Proto's, a lengthy war ensued.

A year Ago, Dominance approached them with a offer to join him. There was disagreements about what to do. This resulted in the Novala Covenant forming and breaking off from the Novala Empire, they joined Dominance. The Novala Empire has mysteriously disappeared. The Unknown regions are deathly quiet and noone returns from them now.

Database to be done:
Proto Empire.
Darkai Loran.

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PostSubject: Re: The Shards United (TWTwB Database)   The Shards United (TWTwB Database) EmptySun Nov 14, 2010 5:34 am

Terraki Database

Race name: Terraki
Deity: Unknown
Homeworld: Teius 38 B (Destroyed)
Galaxy: Klezas (Conquered)

More to come
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PostSubject: The Kartrax Database   The Shards United (TWTwB Database) EmptySun Nov 14, 2010 6:35 am

Race name:
The Kartrax.

Description coming soon (need to install spore)

Current (active) heroes:
None, but Align is currently trying to "create" one.

A scientist with a tragic past. Recently he has been summoned by the deity. The deity told him he must create a hero, his creation has been going well, although he lacks a certain substance.

He was involved in an uncussesfull project at request of the Deity many years ago that is still unspoken of.

A mortally wounded hero currently teaching hopefuls.

Potential heroes. Most come under the guidance of Gartan. No heroes have been discovered as of late.
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The Shards United (TWTwB Database)
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