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 Nálaroth database

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PostSubject: Nálaroth database   Nálaroth database EmptySun Oct 24, 2010 8:24 am

This database holds information about the world of Nálaroth and its inhabitants. Roleplayers can add their characters, locations, etc. in here, and this post contains general information about Nálaroth, its history and its people.

Geography and setting
Nálaroth is a disc-shaped world and relatively small. It is mainly inhabited by humans who have diveded themselves into numerous small kingdoms and live a very combatitive lifestyle, constantly trying to gain their rival's power and land.
Other than that, elves, goblins, avians dark elves (similar to Drow) are the sentient races of Nálaroth. More under the (coming) section Society.
The world is very mountainous, most notably the large Gold Mountain range, a place with many lagends ranked about it, most notably the Tale of Golden Dawn. (link soon).
A wide forest is located at many mountain's roots, giving the world a strong sylvan touch. The elves that did not adapt to human domination live in recluse here.
The sea that surrounds Nálaroth possibly has no shore and leads to the edge of the world, but no sailor ever dared to go this way. Travel on water is usually restricted to the rivers that lead around the mountains and link human cities.
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Nálaroth database
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