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 Battle for Allium. Command and Control Database

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Battle for Allium. Command and Control Database Empty
PostSubject: Battle for Allium. Command and Control Database   Battle for Allium. Command and Control Database EmptySun Mar 06, 2011 11:33 am

Please stand by...

Receiving data...

~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~

Warning, Data corruption detected, please fill info manually.


Allium is a planet very large compared to the size of earth, about twice as big in diameter. A average day is about 25.1 Earth hours and a year 369 days, because of the greenhouse gases produced this worlds ice caps melted and caused a giant flood. Now the planet is scattered with many small islands, most of them inhabitated by different nations who frequently go to war with each other over these precious islands.

The Mupellia:

Leader: Emperor Tatsal
Millitary Leader: Prince Zalash
Home Island: Natalius
The Mupellians are a completely different race to other nations, which are called 'Tarrtans', in their language, meaning 'Barbaric Neighbours', due to reasons unknown however, Mupellians look like their 'Barbaric Neighbours' though they are mostly seen under their red and black steels. The Mupellians have a proud history littered with victories. The Mupellia have only two kinds of ships in their arensal. All troops and most of their fighting is done using their Advanced Air forces, they are also known for their walker technologies, technologies that have not been reversed engineered yet. Mupellia transport their troops via 'Landers' giant pieces of flying metal equiped with a basic pulse weapon for defense, these are costly to make compared to sea transports used by other Nations. Mupellian troops are Genetically engineered to make them stronger, something which angers other nations.
Other Information:
Goverment: Monarchy
Language: Muspelic
Symbol-Based writing.
Languages taught: Muspelic, Common.
Important Ships/Tanks: The Múspellsheimr, Prototype flying Capital Ship/
Sil'fir Warrior.

Mupellian Infantry Forces(Mupellia's Wrath - Literal Translation from Muspelic)
(Insert Symbol in Muspelic here when ready)

These soldiers serve as the basic forces serving the Mupellian Army. They are numerous and weak, but are slightly stronger then normal infantry units due to bioenchancement skills used by the Scientists of Natalius. They are equipped with basic rifles and a small knife which allows for basic close-range combat. They are fully incased in black and red armour.

A stronger infantry force then the grunt. These are usually deployed on the battlefield for tasks which require more then the basic soldiers to complete. They are bioenchanced more then the grunt making them stronger, but are still weak compared to modern forces such as tanks. They are equipped with a gun in the shape of a spear. They can fire a beam from one end or turn it the other side to use it as a melee weapon, it is however, attatched to the warriors armour and is useless when removed. Completely covered in black and red armour.


Tsunami of Natalius [Muspelic Literal Tranlation, Mupellian Navy]

Natashara Battleship:
A large battleship with six main cannons and ten anti-air guns, it can tear apart both ground and sea forces. They have basic anti-air weapons, but these are not very effective. These black and red ships are usually escorted by Reaper fighters.

Mupellian Submarine:
[Boss = Classified till defeat]

Natvalta Carrier:
[Classified = Conditions not met]

Mupellia's Tornado {Literal Mupelic Translation, Mupellian Air Force]

Reaper Fighters:
Star-shaped red and black fighters used for both attack and escorting important air targets and some ocean ships. Equipped with a basic beam cannon.

Dominator Bomber
[Classified = Conditions not met]

The Múspellsheimr
[Classified = Boss, conditions not met]

The Black and red flying ships are used to quickly transport Mupellian ground forces, they can land anywhere, where there rivals sea-based invasion ships can only land at beaches, giving them a obvious advantage.

Mupellia's Earthquake [Muspelic literal translation, Mupellian Armoured Vehicle division]

Coming Soon.

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Battle for Allium. Command and Control Database Empty
PostSubject: Re: Battle for Allium. Command and Control Database   Battle for Allium. Command and Control Database EmptySun Mar 06, 2011 12:14 pm

"The first thing the first Kree'th saw in life was a neon-blue light. The first thing it felt was the soothing touch of a slimey hand.. or some sort of limb. Then it saw the snail-like face of it's creator..." ~ Library of the Kree'th-Ac.


>> The Kree'th.
'>' is used by the Kree'th who started the onversation, and is placed at the beggining of a line of communication.
'<' is used by all others in that conversation, and is placed a the end.

>> Kree'th-Ac. (white)
The leader of the Kree'th, the oldest and the all-seeing one. The high one.
It shooses the Kree'th-An by hand, and if it dies, the Kree'th-An will become the new Kree'th-Ac.<

>> Kree'th-An. (cyan)
The commander of the Kree'th combat forces.
Usually female, squid-like in appearance. These one-at-a-time only units are the links between the Kree'th-Ac and it's people.<

>> Kree'th-Li. (orange)
One of the smaller Kree'th, these are the basic 'grunts' of the Kree'th empire.<

>> Kree'th-Li Wraiths. (orange)
The same in most ways as the Kree'th-Li basic warriors, but they have armor that can render them invisible for a short time.<

>> Kree'th-Ma.
Larger than Kree'th-Li, stronger and with ranged spine weapons.
Don't get bitten by the Kree'th-Ma.<

>> Kree'th-By.
A red-eyed, ten-foot long monster with fully barbed tentacles that can tear metal, vehicles be warned.<

>> Kree'th-Aq.
Rather like a massile sea urchin with tentacles. The Kree'th-Aq is a 20-foot creature who's 3-meter-long spines could easily burn through anything under 2 meters thick.
Beware the acid of the Kree'th.
They can also use the glowing membranes of their tentacles to shield others.<

>> Kree'th-Si. (violet)
The scientists of the Kree'th. They design all the armor and add all the bio-technology.
These are fish worth catching, land-goers.<

>> 'Harvesters'. (green)
As the true name of the Harvester is 'Kree'th', it is not used, for reasons clear.
They are the farms and factories of the Kree'th, and vital for the Kree'th-Si's studies.
Kill the Harvesters, and progress is slow for the others.<
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Battle for Allium. Command and Control Database
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