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 2011 - What about YOUR story?

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This was a good idea.
2011 - What about YOUR story? I_vote_lcap50%2011 - What about YOUR story? I_vote_rcap
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This was an OK idea.
2011 - What about YOUR story? I_vote_lcap0%2011 - What about YOUR story? I_vote_rcap
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What were you thinking, woman!? -LB
2011 - What about YOUR story? I_vote_lcap50%2011 - What about YOUR story? I_vote_rcap
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2011 - What about YOUR story? Empty
PostSubject: 2011 - What about YOUR story?   2011 - What about YOUR story? EmptySun Mar 13, 2011 2:59 pm


This is the RP about us. I thought;
"Huh. we always talk about the people in our minds. But what about us?"
I mean, I'm writing this, but in writing it, it's becomeing my CHAR... so, we are our own characters.
I spent today reading 'Ringworld', practicing designs for my 3D art.
And, of course, typing.
Like I am right now -
I don't know if this is even an RP, but life could be a story, right???
I am ET8000, but I go by many names. Or, I used to.
I forget some of them, but I can list a few;
-Arcan... well, that's not exactly true, I forgot his name. I told you that, Frostmoon, Ely... Deza.
That's to list a few. I won't honor my enemies to list their... kind little nicknames.
Fat hobbit, I'm SPEAKIN' TO YOU!
(Not that he has the intelligence to read omg gigtypo)
Ah, yes! Gings!
Well, a ging is a typo. Simple. I was talking on DrA, I make a typo. So, I decided 'typo' made you sound a little like an idiot. Seeing as everyone with two brain cells knows;
Ging. cheers Oh, I am a genius!

My dad must have been using my laptop.

Ah, yes. 3D art.
One of my GSCE options.
I will be doing it.
"...It just feels right... I guess."
I was dicussing what I would say to my interviewer. (Ging?)
I kind of half-laughed and said something like, "kind silly..."
My father said it was the best thing you could say.
So, why am I writing this?
Well... I guess, it just feels right.
I'd discuss "Well... they all fancy you", but that's stupid. It also isn't true... Well, I don't think it is. If EliteRhys had been correct with that, it would have meant that everyone on my friends list did. And, well, that would be stupid.
Hey, I have written alot!
I forget if this place has a blog.
This isn't a blog! This is Elizabeth, my character.
It's just a name.
But it's my name, and I love it.
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2011 - What about YOUR story?
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