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 Time of Darkness -- Database.

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Time of Darkness -- Database. Empty
PostSubject: Time of Darkness -- Database.   Time of Darkness -- Database. EmptySun Oct 31, 2010 6:48 am

-- Here, we post about our characters, creatures, and locations.

Arcan Mathica/Exodus.
Age - 116
Gender - Male
Skill - Necromancy
Famous for - Being evil
Description -
Formerly a power of darkness over Hal, Arcan was killed, by Nara, and raised (by unknown means) days later.
He needed to remove his decaying heart, which was a little disturbing.
Of course he loved Nara. Why wouldn't he?

Larhan(Laran) Mathica.
Age - 107
Gender - Female
Skill - Elemental magic
Famous for - Being a Mathica
Description -
Arcan's sister.
She is eight years younger than him, and so was taken into the care of the Goliath when her parents died.
She makes a habit of running away.

The Goliath.
Age - Unkown
Gender - Male
Skill - Warrior
Famous for - Being the only Goliath
Description -
The Last, and possibly only, of his kind, The Goliath fought Arcan during his time of power.

Narsara Kehlia.
Age - 113
Gender - Female
Skill - Necromancy, Vampire
Famous for - Having a child with Arcan, allied with Arcan.
She saved Arcan and Larhan when their parents died.
Contrary to the beliefs of many, Narsara was not Arcan's tool, he was more of a tool to her.
She holds a strange ability to make people, especially Arcan (as you know) do things that they would normally not.
Narsara often changes here mind as to weather she is on someone's side or not.

X-Viahl(Vile) Kehlia Mathica.-X
Age - 75
Gender - Male
Skill - Vampire
Famous for - Being the child of Narsara and Arcan
Description -
Arcan's son, who was born when Arcan was about 40. He is a vampire.
His name came directly from what it sounds like, 'vile'.

Age - Unknown
Gender - Female(?)
Famous for - Former overlord under Arcan's command
Description -
An Overlord of undead.
She payed attention to Arcan during his ten-year time of utter madness and power.
Now she focuses on the new powers.
A former ally to Arcan.
Once female, now genderless. Having no flesh to display it.

X-Zehraku(Zeerakoo) Mathica.-X
Age - 189
Gender - Male
Famous for - Being a warrior of the light of Arcarus
Description -
Arcan's father. Long departed.
Since his death protecting Larhan, Zehraku has only been in contact with Arcan once, that being after the Necromancer's death.

X-Naree(Neree) Cathalu.-X
Age - 187
Gender - Female
Famous for - Being another warrior of the light of Arcarus
Description -
Zehraku's partner.
They never married.

-Shadowsong Mathica-
Age - Unknown
Known for - Being the only other Mathican Necromancer.
Description -
A Necomancer of considerable power, Shadowsong once turned against the Mathica.
Usually waering a red or black robe, he hides his lizard-like features with shadow.

-The Mathica(Mathicar)-
A family of Argonians, the Mathica have been around for a long time.

-The Cathalu(Kethalu)-
A family of Human magic-users.

-The Kehlia(Keeliar)-
The only well-known Kehlia is Narsara.
It is possible she comes from a family of Necromancers.

-Mathica Fortress-
It's been there as long as most people know of.
No-one knows how old it is, or who built it, but it has been the home to the Mathica ever since they existed.

-The Bone Fortress-
(Does not exist yet)

Time of Darkness -- Database. Arcan_sig_by_et8000-d33zcrz

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Time of Darkness -- Database. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Time of Darkness -- Database.   Time of Darkness -- Database. EmptySun Oct 31, 2010 7:45 am

Nara Dusksorrow
Age: 91.
Gender - Female
Skills: Archery, Frost Magic, knows basic Principles of Necromancy.
Famous for - Nara is not famous, noone knows it was her who killed Arcan, and she won't encourage it either.
Nara Dusksorrow is the daughter of a Necromancer Lord known as Talerian Dusksorrow, though he calls himself Tale, and few know his full name. Nara is not her full name either, but she will not discuss what actually comes after Nara for reasons of her own. Nara's past shrouded in mystery, and though Arcan knows most about it, she left holes in it.

Talerian Dusksorrow
Age - Unknown.
Gender - Male
Skills: The Art of Necromancy, Summoning Demons.
Famous for - Destroying the city of Talaaar.
Talerian Dusksorrow calls himself Tale Dusksorrow. He is a Necromancer lord but is controlled by the Lord of Demons, little else is known about him.

Alazan Dusksorrow
Age - 105.
Gender - Male
Skills - Necromancy.
Famous for - Relentless, the Unconquered Necropolis.
Nara's older brother, he is also a Necromancer like his father though not as powerful.

Kelen Dusksorrow
Age - Unknown.
Gender - Male
Skills: Lich... Necromancy...
Famous for - Undead Experimentations which have destroyed many towns.
This cold-hearted lich is Nara's second brother, who is the older then both Nara and Alazan. He experiments on undead and has made some of the foulest undead monsters on Hal.

Age - Millions of years old.
Gender - None-Existent.
Skills - Unknown.
Famous for - Unknown.
A undead made out of purple slime, it is the manifestation of the Dusksorrow's Fear and hate, it will survive as long as one Dusksorrow lives.
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Time of Darkness -- Database. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Time of Darkness -- Database.   Time of Darkness -- Database. EmptyTue Apr 19, 2011 4:46 pm

((I feel I have the right to post important information, like this:

The Pantheon:

The Pantheon, is composed of a race which some scholars and religions believe created Hal. It is believed they are based in the world of Sacra, which is magically connected to Hal by a portal which location is known only to three beings on Hal. The race which is believed to be the Pantheon are called the Ti'taara, which is Wraith Elvish for White Creators.

Scholars believe that Valiant became corrupted while fighting demons, how and when is unknown, though it is speculated thousands of years ago. According to ancient texts left, Valiant gathered the demons who now reside in Ravum and attacked Sacra through Hal. However, the Ti'taara drove him back. His fate remains unknown though it is believed he is hiding, and planning for when he can return to destroy the Pantheon. Most groups however, believe the Pantheon to be little more then a myth, since only one ruin has been found, and almost nothing was intact. Unfortunately, the Dwana defended their ruins greatly when they were alive. However, it is possible the Dwana's advanced technology came from Ti'taara ruins.
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Time of Darkness -- Database. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Time of Darkness -- Database.   Time of Darkness -- Database. Empty

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Time of Darkness -- Database.
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